Professional Skin Tightening Treatment

Address the visible aging signs in minutes and recoup the real you. Get back the younger-looking skin through our highly-developed skin tightening programs. Pinki’s Laser Centre Salon and Spa is one of the leading med-aesthetic spa. Our team of certified and proficient med-aestheticians is the basis of our thriving success. We follow contemporary skin tightening techniques that endow with measurable outcomes, especially the appearance of firmer and tighter skin.

Impact of skin tightening treatment

Aging causes sagging skin and lines of wrinkles that are difficult to deal with. Frenzied lifestyle habits like unhealthy food intake, lack of ample sleep, exposure to UV rays, pollution and so forth are the ground reasons behind the loss of elasticity and glow of the skin. Also, at a young age, collagen production maintains a skin balance but with time an imbalance in these detrimental factors hampers collagen production.

As a remedy, Pinki’s Laser Centre Salon and Spa offers high-end skin tightening treatment. Our non-invasive solution includes no needles no cutting. Further, we are constantly experimenting and developing the techniques to bring in a futuristic approach to skin tightening. Our primary objective is to win our client’s satisfaction and their appreciation. So, we work in line with the client’s essentials building a deep connection and offering an ever-evolving partnership.

Why choose us?

  •  No surgery or injections
  •   Fast and comfortable
  •  Lasting Results
  •   Absolutely painless
  •   Little to no downtime
  •  Multiple treatment areas
  •  Safe for all types of skin
  •   100% authentic products

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