Freeze Away Fat Cells With Laser Treatment

Annoyed of stubborn fat? It’s time to reshape your body. Opt for painless fat reduction, just feeling and looking comfortable in your skin. Pinki’s Laser Centre Salon and Spa offers end-to-end laser fat removal in Brampton. Our futuristically designed fat freezing procedure meticulously destroys unwanted fat cells from distinct areas around the body. Each of our modalities is painless and includes no needling. We ensure a completely different appearance of you in the post-treatment phase.

Laser fat removal in Brampton

Born with a vision to proffer all-around beauty that lasts, we endorse contemporary hassle-free body restructuring. Our excess fat reduction treatment encompasses both long term and short term benefits, thereby bolstering your skin against imminent aging. Here’s how we work:

  •   Shrivel the loose skin
  •  Tighten the existing fibers
  •   Stimulate new collagen formation
  •  Improve its thickness and alignment
  •  Prevent fat cells accumulation
  •  Hasten lymphatic drainage
  •  Relinquish toxins from the tissue

Professional handling combined with integrated systems cools the surface of your skin, ensuring a comfortable experience. Our treatments are devoid of any side effects like swelling, bruising, soreness, or else. Besides, our fat removal treatment requires no downtime that means our clients can return to their normal activities straight away after the treatment. We cater across Brampton, Ontario, serving more than hundreds of clients in thirty days and each leaves behind positive feedback. There lies the root of our pride and thriving success.

Why we are better?

  •   Professional approach
  •  Certified aestheticians
  •  Advanced technology
  •  Quick treatment
  •   Free consultation
  •  Safe fat removal
  •  Full-body treatment

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