Fast-Paced Acne Treatment

Battling obstinate acnes? You are not alone! Almost nine out of ten people, both men and women, live through the same snag. Possible reasons include increasing pollution, drastic climate change, exposure to sunlight, usage of bad skin care products and so forth. Every now and often pimples and dermal fillers come out on your face. Applying promoted pimple-care products causes no difference, so the only solution lies in professional acne treatment. At Pinki’s Laser Centre Salon and Spa, we offer non-invasive acne treatment.

Understanding acne: prevent from coming back

Often, the terms pimples and acne are used interchangeably, but in reality, pimples are just a single symptom of acne. Others include nodules, cysts, blackheads, whiteheads, and papules. Acne occurs when dead skin cells get in contact with clogging pores and skin oil. Bacteria get trapped within the pores and multiply rapidly.

The key to get rid of it indicates an effective acne treatment. Here at Pinki’s Laser Centre Salon and Spa, we offer uniquely designed treatment plans in accordance with your individual needs. Our dermatologists analyzes the skin type, severity of acne, overall skin condition, and evaluate other dermatological conditions if exists.

Laser Acne treatment:

  •  Micro Needling
  •  Chemical Peeling
  •  Dermal infusion
  •  Topical treatment with skincare products