Technologically Advanced Laser Treatment

Waxing hurts, threading tweaks, shaving is frustrating. Say goodbye to conventional methods as painless laser treatment is now affordable. Get rid of unwanted hair with full body laser hair removal. At Pinki’s Laser Centre Salon and Spa, you’ll meet the specialists. Having years of experience and expertise in the same, our dedicated team of professionals will make your skin look healthier and younger.

Why choose laser treatment?

Especially, some women endure excessive hair growth. Do you have a similar problem? Although it’s natural and hormonal, women express discomfort. Self-confidence lowers and they tend to avoid fashionable dresses, social gatherings, and the like. Even the same problem is visible in some of the men. Too much hair gets itchy and annoying. Although cheap devices and home-kits offer a temporary solution, the infuriation comes back with the ingrown hair. Also, it’s hard to reach all the areas in your body using self-practice.

Waxing or threading turns out to be awfully painful. So, here’s the secret!

Laser treatment is the most excellent solution as it offers painless hair removal. Moreover, it’s permanent, safe, and equitable. Invest once and enjoy for a lifetime. With brand new technologies in existence, it’s even more effortless. Equipped with state-of-the-art laser tools, we ensure absolutely no-hair skin without pinching hard on your pocket. Don’t let fuzz come in the way of your confidence. Get smooth silky skin with our comprehensive laser hair removal treatment and forget the razor burns, expenses on shave gel, black patches on underarms and so forth. Precisely, it’s a lasting solution with a smoother clearer glowing skin. Now, get ready faster than ever.

Our specialties: boosting your confidence

  •   Full-Body Hair Removal
  •   Facial Hair Removal
  •   Brazilian Hair Removal
  •   Leg Hair Removal
  •   Back Hair Removal
  •   Abdomen Hair Removal
  •   Underarms Hair Removal

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