Fat/Cellulite Reduction Treatments / Reduction of Fine Lines and Wrinkles / Face and Body Contouring

Aging process, although considered being natural, it badly hampers the appearance and health of the skin. Biological loss of hydrating properties due to extreme sun exposure is one possible reason to curse. However, that can never bring you the innate glow of your skin; rather step into Pinki’s Laser Centre Salon and Spa to discover the ultimate skin rejuvenation modality. We offer the best-in-class Skin Tightening, Reduction of Fine lines and wrinkles, Fat/Cellulite Reduction, Face and Body contouring Treatment. Here, every need of yours is met with grace, confidence, and enthusiasm – our spotlight is always on YOU!

All-embracing experience

Forget the year-long uneasiness and start feeling absolutely fabulous. We bring you a non-invasive alternative for body and face contouring. Aware of the growing demand, we constantly innovate to find best technology for our clients. Our advanced techniques not only painlessly and safely contour the irregular areas of your face and body but also tightens the skin, reduce fine lines/wrinkles also reduced Fat/Cellulite. In minutes, you’ll end up looking completely transformed with a refined younger-looking appearance.

Values that simply adds up:

  •  Safe comfortable convenient
  •  Faster treatments
  •  Non-surgical skin lifting
  •  Zero-discomfort
  •  No required downtime

Equipped with high-tech contouring tools and 100% authentic products, we precisely energize the layer beneath your skin to bring in a natural youthfulness and elasticity.

Innovative Technologies. Beautiful Outcomes.

  •  Bi-polar multi-RF Viora
  •  Radiofrequency with vacuum
  •  Safe unipolar technology
  •  Ultrasound and RF

Before After