Ear Piercing Specialist

With a little effort if you can meet the fashion drift of gen-y, then why miss it? Pinki’s Laser Centre Salon and Spa offers top-class ear piercing in Brampton. From meticulous incision to providing hypoallergenic jewelry, we take care of every single detail. You can easily avoid the risks of post ear piercing complications with our experts’ opinions.

Why choose Pinki’s Laser Centre Salon and Spa?

Ears being sensitive parts of your body require gentle care. Our experts are fully trained to meet all the safety requirements and regulations. Committed to offer state of the art facility, we provide pre-sterilized and individually packaged ear jewelries. Each of the earrings comes with pointed posts so that they can be pushed in smoothly. For increased comfort, we use smooth and razor-sharp ear piercing equipment. Our immediate after care enables rapid healing and allows you to change the earrings in just a few weeks. Getting your ears pierced at Pinki’s Laser Centre Salon and Spa is safe and easy at the same time.

Range of ear piercing options

  •   Single Lobe Piercing
  •   Pair Lobe Piercing
  •   Multiple Lobe Piercing
  •   Dual Lobe Piercing
  •  Cartilage Piercing

Touch-free ear piercing instruments

Pinki’s Laser Centre Salon and Spa has been tagged as one of the finest and safest beauty salon in Brampton. One possible reason may be our comprehensive salon services. When it comes to ear piercing, we notice bits and pieces of the process. We value your health and time, so conduct the whole process in minimal time using fully-sterilized piercing tools.

  •  Single use, fully disposable, and sterilized cartridges for effective and hygienic piercing
  •  Pre-sterilized ear-jewelry cartridges which requires little or no human contact, promoting highest standards of hygiene
  •  Except for the preloaded and untainted cartridge, the rest of the instrument never comes in contact with the earlobes
  •  For ultimate safety and comfort, the piercing back gets automatically installed without any need for further adjustment