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Full Head Colour

Fed up with the colour of your hair? Maybe an energetic copper, a sultry dark red, or a rich chocolate? Whether you are experimenting with hair colour for the first time, or a regular for hair colouring, our group of expert shading specialists can do the job! Deciding on a shade that works isn’t easy, our staff can help with that. We will provide you with a consultation unique to your face shape and hair condition. For full hair colour coverage, Wella is our dye of choice.


Whatever you decide, we will ensure the hair cut is perfect for your face type. If you have an idea of what you want, you can share a picture of your desired look, if not we can help guide you by providing you with options suited to you. Long, short or mid-length, we can ensure your final cut brings out the best in you by adding highlights, layers or bangs, if needed.

Hair & Scalp Treatments

Having a head of healthy hair requires a healthy scalp too. We offer a variety of scalp treatments for excessive dryness or oiliness and skin problems. Impurities are removed and hair follicles are stimulated to encourage hair growth. A scalp massage alone will not achieve the desired results, consult with Pinki’s about an effective scalp treatment. We can apply as much pressure as you desire and use Kerasotes, L’Oreal Professional and Kevin Murphy scalp medications. We will provide counsel as to which products and treatment would be better suited to your scalp and hair.

hair highlighting

While one shade of hair colour can work, some people like to add some colour without dying it all. This can be achieved by opting for full or partial highlights. We offer a variety of shades and can help you determine which colour will work best for your hair/face type and skin tone.


While many people opt for the sleek, straight hair, we also offer perms that will put some life into your hair. Trying a temporary perm is the first step and once you are comfortable with the look and feel we offer a permanent perm too.

Heaven spa is where you come to heal your body and your soul

If you have to take a day to be yourself, forget all of your problems and simply relax, you need to visit Heaven Spa. Check out our presentation video too see the facilities and therapies we offer trough our highly trained staff. With multiple payment options and monthly or yearly subscriptions, you benefit from incredible value for money!

Katy Barry


Katy is the helping therapist you have always wanted by your side in a spa center. Her character and also her skills are just unbelievable

Jane Cromwell


Jane started this business after being herself a member of the biggest spa studios in the country. She just makes everything work

Mary Thomas


If you have the chance to feel the hands of Mary in one of her top rated massage therapy sessions, you will most surely return to Heaven Spa